LIVE KIRTAN Music in Berkeley's gourmet ghetto

At the Firehouse North 1790 Shattuck ave.
SUNDAY, MAY 23, 1 TO 3PM in the afternoon!

All original Kirtan compositions by Ajaya Davidson, using Sanskrit mantras and classical Indian ragas, will transform your experience of being audience to becoming a participant in the experience.
Even if you have never sung or chanted before, this experience is not to be missed.
Ajaya Davidson on Harmonium and keyboard will be accompanied by David Estes of the Kirtan group Ananda Rasa on tablas.

Kirtan music is spreading like wild fire in the intergenerational community and culture of the San Francisco bay area. What was once a practice in ashrams and select yoga studios has become an uplifting and bonding way to party amongst all groups and collectives.

We are super happy to have Ajaya and his group in our Art & Event space at the Firehouse North.

Everyone is welcome. There will be a suggested donation fee of $ 10 to 20 at the door, but please come even if you are not able to contribute financially, you can contribute with your voice and presence.

We hope to have ongoing Kirtan group events.
If you know of groups who are looking for a space, look no further.
The Firehouse North can accommodate up to 40 peeps...we can talk about the particulars per e-mail: or call Julia for event scheduling: 510 593 0733.

We'd love to hear from you!