ROBERT J KNIGHT shining armor....a guy with heart...

"My work paints a picture of my life. I am a work in progress, driven by an inner spirit to create, to connect with the rest of the world through my work. All my life I have loved making stuff, from chocolate chip cookies, to larger than life bronze sculpture, and colorful monoprints. I love everything about it, the way oil pastels glide across the paper, the way a pencil feel in my hand as I sketch a model, the excitement of pulling a print..... I love being an Artist, making art with my hands and heart."

Bob is a family friend of Firehouse Art Collective's creative director Tom Franco. You will be able to meet Bob Knight on Friday May 14, 7 to 9pm, at the Art Party held for the group of local artists currently exhibiting.

"Heavy with metaphor, Bob's pieces are super contemplative to me, and I can enjoy looking at them for a long time."
Julia Lazar
assistant manager
Firehouse North Art & Event gallery
510 593 0733