Sunday, March 18th @ 12-6pm
The purpose of this event is to revitalize and strengthen the community of the Gilman District and to provide an opportunity for local artists to connect with art lovers. 
The festival will feature music performances, food trucks, open studios and galleries.
Discover the artistic side of Berkeley's Gilman District community.

No Vacancy

Opening Reception: 6 – 11pm, Saturday, March 10th, 2018

“No Vacancy” is a contemplation of existential duality in the contemporary Hyphen-American experience. A spectrum of materials are employed to create narrative friction, exploring the liminal zones of belonging and estrangement, and the overarching concern of life and death.
A counterstory that is informed by ethnographic and modern imagery, "No Vacancy" calls into question where to locate "home" in both the physical and inner realms.

Solo exhibition by Danielle Alojado
Featuring music by Glass Factory

at the Lottie Rose Art Gallery
6117 San Pablo Avenue, Oakland, CA
Free, Accessible, and Open to the Public
On view March 10, 2018 - April 7, 2018

Image: Preview of “Paradise”, 2018. Oil on canvas, 72″ x 48″.

The Desperate Living Room

Listen up you harlots, trollops, dirt bags and sleaze balls! We are proud and disgusted to share with you the most tasteless and trashy group show of 2018! The Desperate Living Room, a tribute to the work of JOHN WATERS is opening on February 3rd at Somewhere Else To Go art space! 

For decades John Waters has disturbed and delighted audiences with his unorthodox cinema and now we are paying tribute to his masterful mind by presenting a portrait show to top all portrait shows!! Without a doubt, this group of artists is our most skilled, fearless and as we mentioned- ALL FEMALE. 

Rachel Moseley
Jen Oaks
Amanda Payne
Valerie Dominguez 
Chula Face
Ramoncita Cabroncita
Mijita Linda
Mariel Andrade
Josie Celeste
Elizabeth Amento
Lindsey Millikan
Renee Castro
Katia Perra 

Dj Wam Bam Ashleyanne

Taqueria La Venganza
The Vegan Taqueria serving vegan cheeseburgers

Mark your calendar and come in your best outfit and your hair ratted up like a teenage jezebel!! 

Hearts + Crafts, A Valentine Market

On February 10th, the Lottie Rose Gallery opens its doors to display one of a kind Valentine Cards, craft gifts, and a build your own bouquet station! There will be live music, dancing, poetry readings, food, booze, and an overall good time! 

Come pick up something special for your loved ones and enjoy a night of pre-valentine festivities! 

Lottie Rose Gallery
6117 San Pablo Ave
Oakland, CA 94608
$3 at the door

Cultivation: New Works by Tallulah Terryll Opening Reception

Opening reception for our first exhibition of the year: new paintings by Oakland artist Tallulah Terryll.

"Lately I find myself spending more and more time tending to my plants. Maintaining a healthy little ecosystem in my space has been a pleasant contrast to the craziness of the world outside. House plants may not sustain you like growing food or crops, but they do provide a comforting sense of keeping one’s house in order. 

“Cultivate” is a series of paintings combining flat, graphic silhouettes of my plants with abstracted, all-over textures found on walks or hikes in nature. In these paintings, as in life, the background is something I don’t always have total control over. Each pattern originates with a detail from photos I’ve taken of plants growing in the wild. I try to push both the abstraction of the leafy forms and my methods of application until they become unpredictable. The colorful domestic plants in the foreground, on the other hand, are rendered with simplicity and precision – speaking to the modest but essential satisfaction of tending daily to another flourishing life."

Exhibition will run from February 10th through March 31st. Opening reception February 10th 6pm-9pm.

Totally Rad Gallery is located at 1212 San Pablo Avenue, Berkeley CA 94706. See our website for more details