An annual tradition, April, the birth month of the Executive Director of the Firehouse Art Collaborative marks the emerging of new art by Tom Franco.

In Tom's words:

"This year I have focused my art work on a inspiration of community in full swing, vibrant, joyous celebration. I really get a kick out of seeing other groups collaborating in an artistic process, where there is no doubt they have reached their goal! Music has been a big source of enjoying and witnessing artists groups, live a lifestyle of dynamic joy making. I have focused a lot on the sounds of: The Hot 8 Brass Band blasting the waves of New Orleans dynamo style horns with soul, Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan and his ecstatic qawwali singing boys flying high together, and Beck's trippy cosmic wackyness with just the right ingredients of hip and silly lyrics. My art work is a reflection of living within the Firehouse Art Collective experience, working with all sorts of artists everyday, solving puzzles big and small to perfect the building blocks of creative making. When I am spending time in my studio, I try to document that joy that flashes before me as I play and envision objects, people and animals that I love." Tom Franco 2015

Please join us for Opening Night of Tom Franco's Birthday Art Show and Rasa Caffe One Year Anniversary!
3140 Martin Lither King Jr. Way Berkeley April 18th 7-9pm
Firehouse Art Collective Indie Micro Mall

Come see new works in sculpture and paintings.
Enjoy stellar coffees and teas at Rasa Caffe.
Check out our six new shops in the mall!
Live music, artist talk, and good company :) 
Tom will be present 7 pm to 9 pm for open dialogue, friends will be playing live music, a promise of laughs and leisure, celebrating art, friendship and our current culture of collaboration.

Here are some photos of art pieces in the process of evolution, and the final works will be on exhibit at Firehouse Art Collective Indie Micro Mall April 17 through April 30, 2015

Firehouse Art Co March 2015 Exhibit and Event

San Mateo Hillsdale High School art students showcase their work, 
March 2015, at Firehouse Art Co, 3140 Martin Luther King Jr. Way, Berkeley, CA 94703 (Right by Ashby Bart).

The exhibit, 4th Annual “Aspiring Artists Showcase” on view from March 12th through March 31st 2015, features 60 paintings and photographs by forty six Hillsdale students. 

Opening Night:Friday, March 13, 7-9pm

Live music

Forum conversation with the artists and Tom Franco and Cindy Lynch

An annual collaboration between Hillsdale art teacher Cindy Lynch, and the Firehouse Art Collaborative director, Tom Franco.

AP and Advanced Art and Photogaphy Students of Hilldale Highschool taught by Cindy Lynch are showing their latest work. 
at Firehouse Art Collective Micro Mini Mall
3140 Martin Luthur King Jr. Way, Berkeley, CA 94703 (Right by Ashby Bart)

The exhibit, “Aspiring Artists Showcase” features paintings, photographs, and sculptures by Hillsdale students.

“Our collaboration presents a unique learning environment for our students to explore their own work and their potential future as an artist,” Hillsdale Visual Art Teacher Cindy Lynch said. “We are grateful to the Firehouse Art Collaborative for making this possible.”
Students featured in the exhibition are: Alex Huber, Rian Dondero, Hannah Bodin, Mark Helsel, Neil Brorsen, Augie Kramer, William Swackhamer, Lexi Roberts, Anthony Lyster, Josh Fridman, Jenna Smith, Megan Neidle, Ana Trevino, Vanessa Coleman, Arianna Richwood, Semisi Huni, Parker Allen, Angel Rivera, Jennifer Laig, Dennis Shen, Rigved Deshpande, Brennan Lynch, Genensis Purizaca, Laura Rivera, Brian Yee, Soleil Sergejev, Madeline Fong, Audrey Zhang, Ryan Pai, Joshua Blanton, Elisha Gillette, Andrea Saddi, Jenna Bell, April Saclayan, Eli Gordon, Angelica Mallari, Celine Liu, Mia Szafranki, Jasmine Ortiz, Melissa Lara-Turcios, Ethan Murillo, Crystal Giras, Rosemarie Taylor, Julian Mitchell, Jovany Martinez, Margarit Mirt and Andrea DeCastro.

“I met Cindy Lynch 3 years ago and her passion and enthusiasm for teaching art inspired us to develop this opportunity,” Executive Director Tom Franco said. “These students are extremely talented and we hope this show inspires other organizations to support high school art education. This is our fourth show with Ms. Lynch’s class. We are also excited about a mural we are painting at Hillsdale this May.”


The art community in the Golden Gate neighborhood of Oakland is growing. Here at the Firehouse Art Co. "Lottie Rose Art House", 15 artists get together for a meet and greet potluck dinner. 

The Firehouse Art Co. family grew a bit tighter with a meet and greet potluck dinner. The new crew of the "Lottie Rose Art House" on San Pablo Avenue, had the opportunity to spend time together and to get to know one another. 
 While the few vacant rooms still lightly salted with saw dust, and the smell of finished wood wafts in the air, await their new occupants; the hallways were filled with laughter and conversation. The dining room smelled of good old fashion homemade food, pizza, pasta, and tortillas warming on the grill.

In the Dining room, Colin and Ben have some of their artwork spread out through the dining area, surrounding the mass quantities of food laid out on the tables. Jonny puts another batch of warm tortillas in front of us while Tom lays out some basic do's and don’ts of living in a share-house. We all start to settle and converse about who we are and what we are doing with ourselves as artists.

The artists here vary from traditional mediums such as painting, photography, sculpture, literature, and now days digital to conceptual art with untraditional mediums. There are four musicians as well, each with differing concepts to their music, which Alan says he’s ready to play some blues at anytime.

The large front room will be the place for not only the musicians, but will also be a gallery space to hang artwork, to act out performance art, and a place for invited guests to meet the artists.

The front room is ready and waiting for the vibrations from a guitar and amp. The bare walls are awaiting art to hang and the track lights hanging from the ceiling are in suspense as a target to highlight. The atmosphere breaths creativity; consumed by the handful of new tenants that occupy the 16 renovated rooms in this old building.

The "Lottie Rose Art House" may be old and have its own history, but now it is prepped and ready to make new history with the artists of the Firehouse Art Co. As the chatter grows and the food dwindles, the conversations drift to the future; the future of the house and its occupants, as well as a combined impact on the surrounding community and the East Bay. 

 As we, the new occupant artists and our guests sat, consuming our last bits of food and throwing out ideas, we all participated in the creation of a new paradigm for the arts in the Golden Gate neighborhood of beautiful Oakland.

Written by: Rory Terrell
Photograph: Johnny
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Firehouse Adeline Arts Project

Micro Store fronts available
and ready to move in May - June 2014

If you are looking for an affordable, awesome Berkeley spot in an upcoming cutting edge area, we recommend you set up your viewing tour now.
E-mail us or text Tom @ 510-219-8688

We have 5 spaces available, indoor, individually lockable.

Any art form such as henna or tattoo, clothing or gifts, sewing room, jewelry design, photo portrait studio, fine art studio, designer anything, architect, cottage foods, office space, healing arts, chiropractor, chair massage, vintage frocks, body care products, shoe maker, leather works, all artisans are welcome... We call it an 'Indie Micro Mall', because the space is weather protected but flooded with natural light, with a large common area, perfect for gallery exhibits and art show & sell events.

Super affordable, spaces are starting at $ 600 - $ 800, depending upon size.
Address is: 3140 Martin Luther King jr Way, by the Adeline junction, across the Ashby Bart station parking area.

The Firehouse Adeline Arts project is currently housing Rasa Caffe, open Mon - Sat 7:30 am to 4:30pm.
'Tarot Woman Vintage Clothing', is moving out in April, to a larger space. She did very well in our space as a start up!
Also on site is, the Firehouse Adeline Arts Hangar with live events on weekends, and a black box art & events theater currently under construction, ready to open in April. More about perks in person when you come see the spaces.

Contact us now while you still have a chance to pick your perfect spot.
Call or text Tom, 510-219-8688
or e-mail us: Firehouse.art.collective @ gmail.com

Posted by: Julia Lazar

Quick, post that comment, before the thought disappears. You know we love to hear from you.
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