Check out this write up from the art show that happened in Danville entitled "Conceive, Construct, Embellish." Tom Franco and the Dreams art team collaborated on 7 foot ceramic pipes and three of them are still being featured on the patio at Village Theatre and Art Gallery until December. So you still have the chance to see them in action! 👀

The Dreams Art Team consists of Tom Franco, Iris Torres, Colin Hurley, Ray Oliver Del Mundo and Heather Fairweather.

Red Light Special Vol 1: No More Running

Redlight Special Vol 1; No More Running is a one woman show written, directed, choreographed, and performed by Landile Lizo Andries. A young performing artist from South Africa, Landile has spent the past 3 years traveling through different countries and collecting stories that explore the struggles, pain, and beauty of African women in today's society. Told through the different elements of sound, slam poetry, dance, music, and performance, landile brings the reality of these experiences to the stage.
CW; heavy content includes themes of rape and abortion.

Thursday August 23rd from 7:30pm until 9pm at 3140 Martin Luther King Street in Berkeley (Adeline's Lab).
Lottie Rose Gallery is having an art night on Saturday August 11th from 6pm until 11pm. 

It happens almost too frequently as artists that we find ourselves creating alone in our room or studio spaces. So on this night we want to open our doors to the community so we can create together. Bring whatever supplies you'd like. There will be supplies provided as well. This is one the most important things that the Firehouse does is bring artists together to keep that fire alive and to work with each other for new inspiration. You'll learn new things from other artists you've never thought about doing before. Even if you're not an artist, come on down! Create life with each other. Not alone.

Are you a creative in need of good headshots for a resume builder? Well you are in luck our collaborators Coffee & Catchup are having a headshot event! 

"There's no better tool for an actor than having a stellar headshot at their disposal. In today's world of short attention spans and online submissions, it's even more important than ever to make a strong first impression...
That's why we are excited to partner with Bay Area performer and photographer, Andy Strong, to bring you this special headshot package just in time for summer. Update the old, and showcase the new. Start booking, and stop looking!
  • Pre-shoot branding and wardrobe consultation with the photographer, Andy Strong
  • 2 outfits/looks
  • 2 retouched photos of your choice from the shoot
  • Access to a gallery of all images from the shoot
  • Additional edited photos available for only $25 each
  • Snacks and refreshments
  • Light hair & makeup by Blais Michelle Lewis
Location information:
Located in uptown Oakland near Lake Merrit, our unique warehouse location is the perfect spot to capture your next audition-booking-headshot. Surrounded by large windows and plenty of lighting to compliment everyone's best features, you can expect to walk away with a renewed sense of confidence and pride in your craft along with new photos you'll love.
2135 Broadway
Oakland, CA 94612
  • 19th St BART is two blocks away
  • Street parking available
Additional information:
  • After booking your shoot, you will be connected with Andy to schedule your pre-shoot consultation
  • Shoot details will be sent to you in a separate email
  • For any other questions or inquiries regarding the shoot, please contact"

Rogue Magazine

"Making an impact on the world is something Tom Franco speaks about often. He may be the brother of two famous actors and the son of a well-known author but Franco has been carving his own path for the last two decades as a sculptor, painter, illustrator, entrepreneur and actor. On top of producing a continuous flow of art, maintaining multiple businesses, and collaborating with other artists, there is a deeper drive that propels his creative force. “The goal of my approach is to address the idea of living a creative lifestyle. If this can be achieved so many things fall into place for an individual.”

Welcoming, playful, thoughtful and generous, Franco has built creative businesses that foster artistic communities, opportunities and collaborations. Fourteen years ago he began The Firehouse Art Collective that provides space for artists in an interdisciplinary environment and recently became a partner of EB Studios; a non-profit that helps filmmakers build an online platform. With these two projects he has amassed an ever-expanding “band of artists,” as he calls it. Creating supportive environments for artists to flourish with one another, the spirit that Franco injects into all his endeavors is collaborative and celebratory. For Franco, working in conjunction with other artists is imperative. “You have to reach out and form a band of players to do the act with. It is only then that art is sustained and makes an impact in the world.” As Franco’s art tends to scale large so do his ideas—thinking and envisioning bigger if only to include more people."

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