Totally Rad Gallery presents!
The closing of the current exhibition, "Living Systems by Richelle Gribble"
June 16th and 17th
Only one weekend left to see these new works by artist Richelle Gribble.  In her exhibition, Living Systems, Gribble uses mixed media to visually reveal structural patterns and characteristics between cross-disciplinary networks.  The distinctions between social, biological, and technological networks blur into one integrated system, our connected Earth. Come visit the Gallery this weekend to see Gribble's latest works in person.  Gallery is open Friday June 16th from 1pm-5pm and Saturday June 17th from 1pm-6pm.

Totally Rad Gallery presents our third showcase featuring video and experimental sound performances by local experimental sound artists. 

Showcase days Friday June 23rd 7-10pmSaturday June 24th 6-9pmFriday June 30th 7-10pm and Saturday July 1st 6-9pm. Admission is free.  

photo credit: Amber Mueller "Beauty Breakup #2" from Beauty Breakup Video Series. 

Upcoming Exhibition:
Sara Emsaki: Behind Closed Doors
Opening Reception July 8th 6PM-9PM


Totally Rad Gallery is presents a fantastic new exhibition by Oakalnd Artist Sara Emsaki. 

Iranian born-Oakland based artist, Sara Emsaki, works primarily in painting; re-appropriating images that target gender roles and their subsequent power dynamics. Her work is aesthetically influenced by Islamic geometry and Persian miniature painting.

"Women of Iran have been veiled, unveiled, and re-veiled as the country has gone through revolutions and regimes. The artwork produced during the Qajar dynasty era (1785-1925) depicts women in the intimate environment of the harem, intoxicated and eroticized. These paintings oddly contradicted Persia’s firmly Islamic society. Through the re-appropriation of these images, I visualize new scenarios and fantasies in which women play prohibited and unusual roles— engaging in sexual affairs with other females, holding weapons, and possessing super powers. As an Iranian woman who grew up with constrained liberties, it is empowering to recreate images that question the narratives that were once predominantly contrived by men."
- Sara Emsaki

Exhibition runs July 8th- August 19th
Opening reception July 8th 6PM-9PM




UFO GALLERY - 1833 Harmon Street, Berkeley California 
Friday June 16th from 6pm to 10pm.

Pim Conradi (1942-2016) was a pioneer of n-dimensional space. His fascination with orbicular shapes and complex geometric designs resulted in countless handmade exploratory models. Using almost entirely found and second-hand materials, his creations ranged in size from hand-held to huge livable spaces. A curious and tireless worker, Pim spent all hours developing his ideas.

A selection of his models will be on display in an immersive environment of shapes and colors. 2-D designs as well as photographs from his life will also be on view.

UFO Gallery would like to thank Pim's colleagues & friends for
making this exhibition of work possible, a collection in existence by the admiration and recognition of Pim's community proudly preserved here in the East Bay. 

Pim Conradi

The East Bay Open Studios is an annual art event that takes place every summer in the East Bay of the San Francisco Bay Area. It's mission is to connect artists with art collectors and art lovers and offer a unique opportunity for everyone to experience art and interact in a stimulating and friendly environment. Firehouse Art Collective Gilman Studios is located at 1313 9th Street, Berkeley, CA. The East Bay Open Studio event will be held on June 10th & 11th @ 11am-6pm.

Undocument Lives

An estimated 4.4 million undocumented youth ages 30 and under live in the United States, according to the Pew Hispanic Center. But who are they, beyond this statistic?

To find out, we spent time with undocumented youth from the San Francisco Bay Area and Los Angeles, who generously shared their stories with us. We posted photos and videos of them on our Instagram account, which has since evolved into a larger storytelling project, leading to pieces in VICE and Fusion.

From June 2nd - 18th, UFO Gallery in Berkeley will host the Undocumented Lives exhibit, which will lend images and words to the unique experiences of these youth, including how they've been impacted by recent shifts in immigration policy.

Come join us for the opening reception on Friday, June 2nd from 6:00-10:00 p.m. at UFO Gallery. Enjoy food from Tacos Sinaloa and El PorteƱo Empanadas; beer from Fort Point Beer Company and Drake's Brewing Co.; as well as peformances by singer-songwriter Naima Shalhoub + hip-hop artist Babii Cris + musician and spoken word artist Javier Mejia Cuenca.

All proceeds will benefit Define American, a nonprofit media and culture organization changing the conversation around immigration, identity and citizenship through storytelling.

While we don't anticipate any issues with Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), we ask that you please refer to the Immigration Resource Packet (in English and Spanish) + the first page of the ICE Response Protocol document here:

We look forward to seeing you!

A pig roast
An aphrodesiac bar
An exhibition of The Rose Portraits: A collection of 99 portaits in a range of media put together by James OBrien Makowski and other contributing artists. 
A celebration of three years as a home to members of the Firehouse art collective 
A fire 
and more.

Pig roast all day 
Doors at 5
Music at 7

The Rose Portraits:

It started as an experiment. How much of a rose's personality can be preserved in a spirit? If I made you a houndred bottles of different roses infused into vodka and then put them in a room together, would they come out as individuals? How well would their distinct essenses stay in tact? If you could smell them, which ones would you want to taste? How would your feelings about them differ? How would the drinks that you make from them differ? Would you want to mix a fruity rose with chocolate tea or would you want to see what it tastes like when a baby powder rose is mixed with black charcoal lemonade? Would you want to take one home? What about it's personality do you relate to? What does it remind you of? What about that reminder is valuble?

As I was digesting these questions, I was wondering as well, How are they named? Who are each of these roses?

And the answer that arose was to name each peice by pairing it with a portrait. A human's preservation of another. All those questions that I was asking about the roses could be asked about the subjects of the portraits. And along with all the differences and details worth discussing and disecting, the shared bonds of the subjects are also put on full display.

99 portaits
99 jars of roses on the wall

An exploration of what we treasure, what we want to remember, share, and last.


Live performances by:
Dave Deporis
"Astounding" -
"Magical" -
"My highest recomendation. Likely to provide goosebumps and gasps" - David Garland, WNYC

Gordon Allen
info to come

Portaits by:
James O'Brien Makowski
Patrick Newson
Shannon Rogers
Rory Terrell
Bay Kempthorn
Rey-Oliver Del Mundo
Puja Mary Rose Tolston
Otto Thorson
Elliot Harrison
Alexa Gilweit
with more artists to be announced

Butchery by:
Erdem "Butch" Durgunuglu

Beverages by:
James O'Brien Makowski