MEMORABILIA is an interactive art installation created by Bay Area artists and theatre makers Katelyn Fitt and Julius Rea. The Lottie Rose gallery will be transformed into a detailed setting as attendees are invited to explore every aspect of the crafted memory from the furniture and paintings to the knick-knack-filled cabinets to the characters inhabiting the space. The end product is an explorative monument to the personal items and curios that populate and paint our memories.

MEMORABILIA - an interactive art installation
THE SCENE: A living room

CURATORS: Katelyn Fitt, Julius Rea

DATE: December 8, 2018
LOCATION: Firehouse Art Collective Lottie Rose Gallery - 6117 San Pablo Avenue, Oakland, CA 94608
PRICE: $5 suggested donation


Refreshments will be provided; there is no ADA access to the space. For more information, contact Katelyn Fitt at or Julius Rea at

Saturday The 13th!

The Lottie Rose Gallery presents Friday the 13th. Wait did I say Friday, I meant Saturday, yes Saturday the 13th. An art show inspired by the film The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari. Come see the gallery transformed into a eerie forest from another dimension. Feast your eyes on the oddities that will captivate your imagination and run wild in your nightmares. (No kids allowed, it's scary enough. This isn't Ross)

Three Generations

"Three Generations" is a show about the art of my mother, grandmother, and me.  The emphasis is on my mom.  She takes floral painting to a level I've never seen greater.  I'm a cat painter but it's her work that will live on forever.  Her work is visible at