"Closing Reception for Gummy Leotard and Other Easy Recipes" and "Our Totally Rad Holiday Shop and Weihnachtsmarkt Events November 19th -December 18th"

Closing Reception for Gummy Leotard and Other Easy Recipes
November 5th 6-8pm

Please join us in our closing reception for “Gummy Leotard and Other Easy Recipes” this Saturday November 5th.  The gallery is set up like a movie theater and features a reel of video works by Amber Mueller and Marguerite Kalhor.  These works examine the lore and traditions of popular American culture through depictions of beauty tutorials, cooking shows and workout videos. Installation video show and artwork for sale.

The gallery will also be open Friday 11/04 showing the video reel from 3pm-7pm

Our Totally Rad Holiday Shop and Weihnachtsmarkt Events 
November 19th -December 18th
The last two months of the year we feature affordable artwork and gift items made by local artists.
Our Holiday Shop is meant to promote local artists' work as well as the philosophy of buying local
during the holiday gifting season. Some of the artists participating in this year's Holiday Shop are
Kalani Ware, Eric Dyer, Colin Hurley, Heather Fairweather, Seran Moren, Plantillo, Otium,
Mariangela Le Thanh, and many more!  

Every Saturday during our holiday shop we will have "Weihnachtsmarkt".Weihnachtsmarkt is a
Christmas celebration and street market originating from Germany since the middle ages.  In
addition to our locally made artwork for sale, our Weihnachtsmarkt will be totally "gemütlich"
and complete with Bratwurst, Glühwein and Lebkuchen, pretzels all made from traditional
authentic German recipes. Check our website for Weihnachtsmark events.

Totally Rad Gallery is located at 1212 San Pablo Avenue in Berkeley, California.
Regular gallery hours are Thursday 2-6pm, Friday 2-6pm and Saturday 1-6pm.
Please visit our website more more information http://www.totallyradgallery.com/