Firehouse Art Co March 2015 Exhibit and Event

San Mateo Hillsdale High School art students showcase their work, 
March 2015, at Firehouse Art Co, 3140 Martin Luther King Jr. Way, Berkeley, CA 94703 (Right by Ashby Bart).

The exhibit, 4th Annual “Aspiring Artists Showcase” on view from March 12th through March 31st 2015, features 60 paintings and photographs by forty six Hillsdale students. 

Opening Night:Friday, March 13, 7-9pm

Live music

Forum conversation with the artists and Tom Franco and Cindy Lynch

An annual collaboration between Hillsdale art teacher Cindy Lynch, and the Firehouse Art Collaborative director, Tom Franco.

AP and Advanced Art and Photogaphy Students of Hilldale Highschool taught by Cindy Lynch are showing their latest work. 
at Firehouse Art Collective Micro Mini Mall
3140 Martin Luthur King Jr. Way, Berkeley, CA 94703 (Right by Ashby Bart)

The exhibit, “Aspiring Artists Showcase” features paintings, photographs, and sculptures by Hillsdale students.

“Our collaboration presents a unique learning environment for our students to explore their own work and their potential future as an artist,” Hillsdale Visual Art Teacher Cindy Lynch said. “We are grateful to the Firehouse Art Collaborative for making this possible.”
Students featured in the exhibition are: Alex Huber, Rian Dondero, Hannah Bodin, Mark Helsel, Neil Brorsen, Augie Kramer, William Swackhamer, Lexi Roberts, Anthony Lyster, Josh Fridman, Jenna Smith, Megan Neidle, Ana Trevino, Vanessa Coleman, Arianna Richwood, Semisi Huni, Parker Allen, Angel Rivera, Jennifer Laig, Dennis Shen, Rigved Deshpande, Brennan Lynch, Genensis Purizaca, Laura Rivera, Brian Yee, Soleil Sergejev, Madeline Fong, Audrey Zhang, Ryan Pai, Joshua Blanton, Elisha Gillette, Andrea Saddi, Jenna Bell, April Saclayan, Eli Gordon, Angelica Mallari, Celine Liu, Mia Szafranki, Jasmine Ortiz, Melissa Lara-Turcios, Ethan Murillo, Crystal Giras, Rosemarie Taylor, Julian Mitchell, Jovany Martinez, Margarit Mirt and Andrea DeCastro.

“I met Cindy Lynch 3 years ago and her passion and enthusiasm for teaching art inspired us to develop this opportunity,” Executive Director Tom Franco said. “These students are extremely talented and we hope this show inspires other organizations to support high school art education. This is our fourth show with Ms. Lynch’s class. We are also excited about a mural we are painting at Hillsdale this May.”