Curated by TOM FRANCO, Firehouse Art director
The artists of the November show at Firehouse Gallery North:

& TERRANCE GRIEBEL all met living in Bolinas for extended times.
Schehera Van Dyk and Terri Griebel still do to this day.

It's time to have a Bo-Show in Berkeley and celebrate the season with art, poetry and music. Tom Franco will also host an artist talk which should be lively considering the peeps involved.

FRIDAY, November 22, 2013
7 - 10pm

1790 Shattuck Avenue, Berkeley Gourmet Ghetto

Kelli Hill and myself Julia Lazar, met at Brighton Beach in Bolinas, when Kelli clad in her blue wetsuit, with blonde hair down to her butt, with her classic longboard was heading out to the 'patch' where her peers, some of them famous surf stars back in the day, caught those long slow waves. It was winter, so no naked surfing that day, but we met and became friends over the last 30 years. It's such a blast to have an art show with Kelli.

Schehera Van Dyk has lived on Brighton, where she now has her art and ceramics studio, living the life of her passionate dreams, with husband, son and mom. We've known each other for about 30 years now and I so appreciate Schehera's art style and exuberance. Her dinner ware is highly collectible, and
I can't wait for the Berkeley crowd to fall in love with it, as the Marin folks already have.

Terri Griebel is a force of nature, besides being the radest artist I knew in Bolinas, he also shreds on the surf board and was one of the first mountain bikers in the world. When I met him in the 80s, he was sporting a 'Cunningham' prototype and carving new trails down Mt Tam, chased by rangers.

Terri has several painting on exhibit, one of which was a gift to Kelli, a portrait of Michael Sims, aka Saint 11:11, not because he was pious, but as rad as any free spirit ever will be.

Michael Sims died at the age of 32, on Kelli's sofa one afternoon, and we all keep magical memories of him we shared as friends. Here is a video he did with Jimo Thomas and Martin Matzinger: "Dogs in Bolinas". Michael also was the first white hip hop artist we all knew. May he rest in peace and join up again anytime.

Posted by: Julia Lazar
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