Opening Night

Saturday, October 12, 7-9pm
1790 Shattuck Avenue

October 5 to 31, 2013

Over the past few months art has become very therapeutic for me. Adjusting back to living in America has not been an easy process. I am at a big crossroads in my life; happy in the present and excited for the future, with a vivid nostalgia of people and places of the past. Photography is an eternal reality of time, allowing documentation of the places I will go and all the places I have been. Social media is the forefront way of staying connected with friends and family these days. With a click of a button, smart phone applications make it easy to feel the connection we long for on this lonely planet. My new series of work entitled “Art Therapy” involves some of the lovely people I have met and places I have been in the four years I spent abroad. Riding my bike around Berkeley, I began snapping photographs of things in my neighborhood. Then, I sent out 4x6 postcard sized print outs of 24 selected images to a select group of 24 friends from around the world. Along with each image, I wrote a handwritten letter:

"Dear Friend,
I am writing this to you. Yes you! You have changed my life in more ways than you may think you have. Every smile we shared, every laugh we made, all amount to a special moment that was shared in one moment in time. That moment will never happen again exactly the way it did.
You and I were a part of that moment. I will never forget it. I will never forget you. Although we are miles apart (Even just those who are only a few miles away), I wanna say that I miss you. Let’s reunite in another moment in time. Adding up a lot of moments with you is all that it would take to make me happy for eternity.
Because of you, I am the person I am today. Experiences are the world to me, and I am glad I got to experience them with you. Love, kevinHcheah"

Furthermore, I requested that they take a few photographs of things around their respective neighborhoods and email the images back to me. Proceeding, I took their image/images and my original photograph and collaged them together. Using a self-developed printmaking technique on tape, I proudly present to you the outcomes of my artistic therapeutic sessions.

Posted by: Julia Lazar
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