May 11, 7 to 9+pm on 1790 Shattuck Avenue North Berkeley Gourmet Ghetto.
A multi media celebration with our collaborators, micro store front owners and artists of all disciplines.
Live music, poetry, video and visitors from all over the bay, will prove that we can have parties even in May.
That just rhymed. Hey.
You read!
Come, mix and mingle...experience art alive and well...share drink and snacks, dance and play. 

We want to thank our friends from "Battlestache studios" and "Oaktown Indie Mayhem" for an amazing run of their live comedy blast last month! 
You can watch some of their video sketches at our May 11 art opening night. More live comedy mayhem planned for June 2012.
Special thanks to Ernest DOTY for his fine mural at our Firehouse Adeline location...come see it every Saturday from noon to 6pm during our live bazaar open hours.