event at NIMBY
juneteenth festival at the  Firehouse Adeline Bazaar


Short notice:
Resonance Fair at NIMBY diy artstudios. Saturday, May 12 from noon to 1:30am,
Click on this link to know more about the event.
Here is the low down for vendors plus registration: vendor here.
Donation based booth fee makes for a great incentive to meet a whole new amazing dynamic group putting on cool events in the east bay.
The Vendor's area will be outside the ticketed area so anyone can come and buy from you!
Firehouse "SHOW & SELL SPOT"inside the Public Market hall in Emeryville:
THIS FRIDAY, May 11, 2 to 4, "gorundbreaking" celebration outside the Public Market with Mayor of Emeryville and assembly member Nancy Skinner as featured guests.
THIS SATURDAY, May 12, Origami workshop and birthday party 3 to 7pm. Almost full, still a couple of spots available.
Daily booths or monthly micro store front opportunity available in the Firehouse "Show & Sell" spot inside the Emeryville Public Market on 5959 Shellmound Street.
Enroll to vend on any day, enjoy good company and get the ball rolling on the next hot mirco storefront and art studio spot.
The Firehouse Art Collaborative has this area lined up for a few months to develop before the market value lease payments kick in, so this is the time to come and participate in the co creation of something unique and exciting on a super low budget. Register as a day vendor here or call Julia at 510 593 0733 to find out more about the micro storefront concept.

JUNETEENTH CELEBRATION at Firehouse Adeline Live Bazaar
On Adeline street is upon us again.
Great time, masses of peeps having fun, and our Live Bazaar spot is open to our vendors to participate.
June 24th, 11am to 7pm.
Donation based fee makes it easy for you to reserve a booth and we look forward to having a stellar turnout since it is the beginning of our second year.
More info and registration here.

Last not least, the Firehouse Adeline studios Live Bazaar on Saturdayscontinues to develop from noon to 6pm every Saturday. As we continue to show up every week, open our large windows and the entrance, we find that more local peeps wander in, mingle and buy art and vintage items, kombucha and CK SMOKEHOUSE BBQ meals. With two new micro stores lined up next door, Alchemy Coffee Collective and Tarot Woman vintage shop, the foot traffic is increasing and the vibe is sweet and fun.Register here for any Saturday and participate in co creating community & culture on the spot.

Looking forward to having you on board.
Call or text Julia for more info or to say hello: 510 593 0733.
Stay in touch on facebook and twitter.
Blessings and refreshing cash flow your way!
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