"Kemscrima-doh, Abrescy method Filipino/Chinese Martial Arts."

1000 Gilman St
Berkeley, CA 94710
Use the back entrance in the loading area. Ample parking in the lot.

Starting Saturday, February 4, 2012.

Class times are:
Tuesday 6-7PM kids,
7-8PM teens and adults
Saturday 11AM-12PM kids,
12-1PM teens and adults

Founded in 1985 by Grandmaster Glenn C. Abrescy, Kemscrima-Doh is a hybrid art that features an eclectic blend of Chinese Kempo, Filipino Escrima, and Indonesian Kuntao.In Kemscrima-Doh, "Kem" refers to Kempo, "Scrima" symbolizes Escrima, and "Doh" translates to "The Way." Together, Kemscrima-Doh is"The Way of the Stick and Fist".

A training day can encompass anything from unarmed self-defense and the memorization of forms to the use of Okinawan weapons and the always popular and dynamic Filipino stick and knife fighting.Anyone is welcome to join the class regardless of age or physicality but please leave the ego at the door!

The first class is free!

A little about the instructor...Jimmy McCullough has been teaching Kemscrima-Doh since January 2000. In that time he has attained the rank of fifth-degree black belt and has taught a variety of students over the years, from senior citizens, toddlers (some as young as two), to developmentally disabled adults and average people off the street with no martial arts experience beforehand. He brought Kemscrima-doh to the San Francisco Bay Area in 2006.

Fees are $75 a month but if anyone signs up now (Jan. 2012) they will get $10 off their first months dues.

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