Willian Hugel mystic writer, Ray Oppenheimer tinker paw, and Gretchen Kisler Public Market in Emeryville on Thursday, February 2, 2012.
Infinite gratitude to our cool vendors who came, set up and kept up the great vibe, as Emeryville peeps discovered their treasures and found out about this new feature.
Starting March 1, the floor is open to vetted vendors, who sell locally handmade goods, serving the customers who come from all over the east bay. 
Email us to find out more about becoming a vendor at the newest Firehouse Art CoLab space at the Public Market in Emeryville. 
e-mail: Firehouse.Art.Collective @ (yes there are dots between the words, you saw that).
Call or text Julia (510) 593 0733 to find out more after you read all the info on this blog...and there is lots of it in many places, happy digging.
Big Thanks also to Denise and Susan and their cool staff who make the Public Market run so smooth throughout the whole remodel, we have yet to see anything not cared for. You guys Rock! 
Mille Grazie!
So much more to discover and experience.
For now, we are focusing on getting our space leased to artists of all disciplines. Each space is about 4' x 10'/12', depending upon your needs and starts at $ 295 per month. Send us your pics and we will get back to you about setting up a tour.
Call or text Tom to set up an interview (510) 219 8688.
Thanks also our true cool music gangs...Will Crum did it again, you can see his videos on youtube and on our facebook page which you must immediately run to and Like!

 Thanks to Alain Truong for taking cool pics of the bazaar, here is a small selection collage style...drop us a note about the photos and the art and the people on them... we always love to hear from you.