Christopher Hareesh Wallis
If there ever were events not to be missed, that captured both, the creative artistic side of Being as well as touched upon the deeply mysterious and secret part of Being...these are it! JL

Highly trained and deeply entrenched in the lifestyle of Tantrikas, Chris Hareesh Wallis, is a superb speaker who will take you to an experience of the subject just by sharing time and space and the senses.

Saturday December 11 from 7 to 8pm
Sunday, December 19 from 5 to 6pm

With a suggested donation at the door of $ 10 to support the Firehouse Art Collective to continue to be able to bring cutting edge art and community building events as well as the speaker of course.
Your investment of time and money will yield fruit beyond your wildest dreams, as this subject and group has for me.

Siddhartha V. Shah
Siddhartha Shah
On Saturday, December 18 from 7 to 8pm, Siddharta Shah, the curator and collector of these amazing paintings and tankas will give a talk about Tantric Hindu and Buddhist art as tools for a spiritual life, that will take your socks off... guaranteed.
Just spending time with him in the gallery and following his promptings to really look and observe the subtleties of the original paintings as well as prints, is mind expanding and heart opening.

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