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"Making an impact on the world is something Tom Franco speaks about often. He may be the brother of two famous actors and the son of a well-known author but Franco has been carving his own path for the last two decades as a sculptor, painter, illustrator, entrepreneur and actor. On top of producing a continuous flow of art, maintaining multiple businesses, and collaborating with other artists, there is a deeper drive that propels his creative force. “The goal of my approach is to address the idea of living a creative lifestyle. If this can be achieved so many things fall into place for an individual.”

Welcoming, playful, thoughtful and generous, Franco has built creative businesses that foster artistic communities, opportunities and collaborations. Fourteen years ago he began The Firehouse Art Collective that provides space for artists in an interdisciplinary environment and recently became a partner of EB Studios; a non-profit that helps filmmakers build an online platform. With these two projects he has amassed an ever-expanding “band of artists,” as he calls it. Creating supportive environments for artists to flourish with one another, the spirit that Franco injects into all his endeavors is collaborative and celebratory. For Franco, working in conjunction with other artists is imperative. “You have to reach out and form a band of players to do the act with. It is only then that art is sustained and makes an impact in the world.” As Franco’s art tends to scale large so do his ideas—thinking and envisioning bigger if only to include more people."

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