Two Timely Totally Rad Shows On San Pablo Ave Saturday Night!

 A group art show focused on the paradox of time. 

Time passes for every single individual. We all experience time moving but our perception of time is all different. A particular moment to one person can feel as if they're pushing through molasses watching particles of dust standing dead still in the air and to another that exact moment might slip by to the point of causing their head to spin. As we age it seems we're standing still and time is pushing into us. We all feel the crushing weight of the minute hand determining our very fates. Yet we don't look at the paradox of time. If physics is right that would mean our perception is wrong and that there simply is no flow of time. 11:11 one minute in time happening hundreds of times over but this one is here for you to slow down, breathe and make it count.


Bradley Barton

Girl On Bus

Madison Couvillion (Satellite Fully)

Heather Fairweather

Tom Franco

Colin Hurley

Cora Jae (Ladybird)

Alex Reyes

More to be announced.

Closing Reception for Every Damn Day. This is our last exhibition of the year! Come through this Saturday and check out this great work, enjoy the great music and refreshments we will be providing, then go check out B-League next door for some great vintage finds!

Our featured artists embarked on a project where they created a new work every day for 28 days. Totally Rad Gallery is excited to present selected works from this project.

Works by Ray Mack, Mariel Bayona, Sara Tell and Gabriel D. Edwards.  

Saturday, November 11th from 6-9pm. Located 1212 San Pablo Ave, Berkeley CA 94706