UFO GALLERY - 1833 Harmon Street, Berkeley California 
Friday June 16th from 6pm to 10pm.

Pim Conradi (1942-2016) was a pioneer of n-dimensional space. His fascination with orbicular shapes and complex geometric designs resulted in countless handmade exploratory models. Using almost entirely found and second-hand materials, his creations ranged in size from hand-held to huge livable spaces. A curious and tireless worker, Pim spent all hours developing his ideas.

A selection of his models will be on display in an immersive environment of shapes and colors. 2-D designs as well as photographs from his life will also be on view.

UFO Gallery would like to thank Pim's colleagues & friends for
making this exhibition of work possible, a collection in existence by the admiration and recognition of Pim's community proudly preserved here in the East Bay. 

Pim Conradi