Gummy Leotard and Other Easy Recipes

Opening Reception: October 8th from 6-9pm.

Totally Rad Gallery (1212 San Pablo Avenue, Oakland) is very excited to present “Gummy Leotard and Other Easy Recipes”. The Gallery will be set up like a movie theater and will feature a “movie reel” of video works by Amber Mueller and Marguerite Kalhor. These series of videos and soundtracks examine the lore and traditions of popular American culture. Installation, video and artwork for sale.

Amber Mueller is a painter and media artist. She employs found video, audio and recordings of television programming and creates collages that resemble portraits and narratives. Her work commonly contains themes of cultural identity and gender roles, often examining the beautiful as well as the disturbing elements that are woven into popular American culture. 

Marguerite Kalhor is a painter turned new media artist. Interested in contemporary practices in social media, she takes styles, concepts and processes from YouTube videos and applies them to her video practice. Her work is currently focused on social media possessing their own characteristics; the results of both human cultural constraints and the overall framework of the web platforms on which posts are placed.

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instagram : @insteigram
twitter : @lurgemurge