Art Show this Saturday at Totally Rad Gallery!

Beck+Col Stafford: Rainbow Face
August 6th - September 17th , 2016
Opening Reception August 6th 6PM-9PM
Live Performance 8:00 PM
Using otherworldly costume­based performance and video, Beck+Col create a fantastic alternate universe within the monster Rainbow Face’s mind, complete with a stylized boxing
ring. With each color representing a fracture of Rainbow Face, the colorful monsters physically express internal conflicts that suggest the internal pressures of systemic oppression vs. the Other. The Performance is an explosive, comical battle that mixes elements of boxing, wrestling and slapstick.
Los Angeles­based artists Beck+Col Stafford use humor and chaos to address social inequalities. Through costume­based performance and video, our work explores alternate universes populated with monsters. We operate in a space beyond the confines of bound identities, and expose hierarchical behaviors as absurdities. By removing human attributes, our
work moves away from hyper­individualism to post­anthropocentrism. We take power from dominant institutions and create a space for underrepresented voices to be heard.