Creating Re Connecting And Re Building Home

(Re)Connecting to HOME ­: 
(Re)Building Emotional Infrastructure in the Bay Area

Lottie Rose Art Gallery
6117 San Pablo Ave
Oakland, CA 94608

Saturday, December 12, 12:12pm to 10:12pm

A few years ago, I/we relocated to San Francisco to return to the vibrant, diverse, and challenging creative world. Historically, San Francisco and environs have offered the type of climate that is relatively progressive and liberal toward queer and unique voices. Home for a variety of outsider voices, home of innovation and experimentation, and in the last few decades, home to rising and inflated rent hikes, and an oddly engineered housing shortage.

Ater 1 sublet, one 6 month lease with 8 revolving roommates in Hayes Valley, and 1 very complicated and protracted year experience next to a very noisy construction site, some of us have very luckily found a loving home to unwind and unpack after several years of full suitcases and temporary havens.

Home, home, home.... how to find and create a space that is welcoming, safe, and most importantly somewhere to create and breath with ease knowing that there is perchance a tomorrow. Safe spaces, places to unpack and unwind... In a city where so many conversations and discussions lament the saddening effect of complicated housing environments and prospects coupled with the desire to attend to the constant hum of the muse underneath all the layers of the daily rituals and routine.

Hosted by Firehouse Art Collective and Gabriel Darling.

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