Opening night Friday, March 21, 7-9pm

The exhibit, “Aspiring Artists Showcase” features 50 paintings, photographs, painted birdhouses and book illustrations by forty nine Hillsdale students.

An annual collaboration between Hillsdale art teacher Cindy Lynch, and the Firehouse Art Collaborative curation team, Tom Franco and Julia Lazar.

“Our collaboration presents a unique learning environment for our students to explore their own work and their potential future as an artist,” Hillsdale Visual Art Teacher Cindy Lynch said. “We are grateful to the Firehouse Art Collaborative for making this possible.”

 Students featured in the exhibition are Alex Herzog, Isik Yildiz, Giana Lorenzini, Amiel Joshua Manansala, Aya Harada, Jovany Martinez, Ralph Louie Dela Pena, Soleil Sergejev, Brian Yee, JoAnne De Bono Giambrone, Adrianna Kantlehner, Brian Houle, Samuel Smith, Daniel Hollar, Anna Hundertmark, Nicole Spencer, Laura Rivera Grabiel, Sumedha Burra, Brianna Hobbs, Jenny Lee, Radu Andrei, Erica Jenkins, Kelly Wang, Eric Jones, Michelle Lee, Genesis Purizaca, Elena Barco, Carla Crespo-Triveno, Chie Taino, Jenna Bell, Julian Mitchell, Madeline Kobe, Maxine Bojorquez, Amanda Diaz, Christopher Boyd, Alyssa Farrier, Niloufar Mansooralavi, Menat Allah El Attma, Andrea Saddi, Brandon Clore, Ashley McGraw, Hannah Plackowski, Sarah Duffy, Stephen Hua, Rigved Deshpande and Victoria Railsback.

“We met Cindy Lynch in 2012 and her passion and enthusiasm for teaching art inspired us to develop this opportunity,” Executive Directors Tom Franco and Julia Lazar said. “These students are extremely talented and we hope this show inspires other organizations to support high school art education.”

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Cindy Lynch,650-558-2699,

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Firehouse Gallery North is open on Wednesdays from 3 to 8 p.m. and Saturdays from 5 to 9 p.m.

Posted by: Julia Lazar
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