Nicole Gervacio was born in Salinas, CA in 1989. She graduated from California College of the Arts in 2011 with a BA in Fine Arts. Although her focus was in illustration, she explored various techniques while attending CCA. Printmaking and collage inspired her to experiment with mediums and to create work of her own.


My work incorporates textural drawings and paintings with an emphasis on found materials and accumulation. This process of mixed media with sculptural aspects allows the work to express a variety of meanings, which are often influenced by memories, family, history, and Filipino American culture. Each element considered, whether it is a found object, fabric, or a type of medium, stimulates further exploration of the concept. Remnants of what is considered to be mistakes become part of the piece, often leaving signs of its presence on the surface or becoming embedded within the layers. Every assemblage is full of these imperfections. After one is created it may experience levels of deterioration or wear that contribute to the history of a piece.




Friends & Strangers
We all have many layers to who we are; you can never completely know all the layers that make up one person because there is far too much to know and understand about each of us. Even so, every day we make our own judgments as to who someone really is, whether they are friend or stranger. All the portraits in this series are images of people I know, and people I’ve never actually met. Just like real people, there are also many layers to these paintings. I began with a layer of gesso on illustration board, creating a foundation of strokes and designs. I then wrote words into the gesso; words that describe the person, either from experience with them or from my feelings towards their photograph. After painting a layer of gouache over the gesso, I lifted out the person’s image from the paint, revealing some of those layers and words beneath.


Since childhood, Kira Marriner has loved to draw. At the age of 21 she decided to further develop her skills by attending the Academy of Art University in San Francisco where she received her BFA in Traditional Illustration. Soon after graduating she found her second passion, belly dancing. From the moment she started dancing she hasn’t stopped for 5 years now. Dance has brought inspiration and
influenced to an entire series of paintings. Kira takes inspiration from her experiences and the people
around her, which in her latest series include close loved ones and complete strangers. Since art school Kira has created two main series of work and is currently working on a third. She enjoys displaying her work at restaurants, cafes and various venues around the Bay Area. Kira also works on illustrating personalized children’s books for local families. You can currently find her work on her website.

SOCIAL MEDIA/WEBSITE:, read more about Kira Marriner and her work on her blog,, or purchase her work online in her etsy shop,

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