The next group of artists are graduates of an AP arts program straight out of Highschool.
We liked their art so much, we presented it to the Public Market marketing team, and they passed with flying colors.
Tom Franco and Julia Lazar have been invited to guest teach and workshop at Hillsdale Highschool in San Mateo, CA. It has been a great learning step for all involved and the Firehouse Art Co is happy to introduce these young  artists to the local community, thus creating a culture of openness and collaboration, in a public setting.
Thanks to the management and marketing team at Public Market Emeryville, there exists a spot where this fresh art can be viewed and enjoyed by locals of all walks of life.

Meet the artists exhibiting in the month of June 2013 at the Public Market in Emeryville:

Jenny Lee

The work in my concentration demonstrates the exploration of my idea by taking pictures of my family and myself. I used Sally Mann’s photos as a starting point to cover complex thoughts and hidden anger inside me. The mood I want to capture is heightened by the people expressing their fear or sadness while having great sunlight and shadows in the composition.

Alex Herzog

developed a love of photography through his other love of riding BMX. Evolving from simplistic action shots of biking and skateboarding, Alex broadened his style and now his photos includes a bit of everything. Photos are contrast and color corrected but never photoshopped. In fact, he doesn't even own photoshop.

Ava Donovan

is a senior in high school and is inspired by the world around her. She is finishing her second year in photography class and plans to major in Fine Arts with a concentration in Photography next year at University of California at Santa Cruz. Ava loves taking photographs of her friends and the little, unseen things in her life. She takes photographs of unique scenes yet captures simplicity too. Not only does Ava enjoy going on strolls in the city or venturing out on hikes and capturing everything seen but also loves planning photography shoots and working with her models.

Posted by: Julia Lazar
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