Artists Leon Kennedy and Journey Coward each have a unique style. Both self taught and highly disciplined artists, creating cutting edge art, each with their own cultural background.

 Please come and experience this unique exhibit through the month of May 2013, inside the Emeryville Public Market Hall by the Kid's Play space, enjoy the eclectic art in the alcove reserved to dine on your choice of international food, use free wifi, meet and mingle with local folks. A great spot to chill, do some thinking work or just hang out with friends. Public is the new private...?


Leon Kennedy,

is rated one of the top 100 self-taught artists in the country. His works are coveted by prominent Folk Art collectors everywhere – foreign, as well as domestic. Serious collectors take huge store in the fact that Mr. Kennedy’s works appear in the Smithsonian Institute; which in itself adds extreme value to the ownership of a Kennedy original.
A native of Houston, Texas; Mr. Kennedy has lived and worked in Oakland, California for over 25 years. If you are out, about, and alert, you may just run into him on an Oakland street – where he is busy capturing the people and scenes of bay area life – on canvas. And what canvas it is! Kennedy paints on “everything.” Some of his most impressive works have been captured on bed sheets. Yes, they are huge. And the precision and multiplicity of detail is astonishing. Works on wood, glass, and metal (even hubcaps) have been known to grace a thorough Kennedy collection.

Leon Kennedy is inspired by the Spirit, as his works exemplify. In fact, his trademark is the hand. “Hands symbolize my personal testimony. God is the door. Prayer is the key. Hands stand for the power of the imagination and for divine testimony. God sees my heart. He has the master plan; I am his obedient servant. Faith leads. I follow.”

My name is Journey Coward,
and I am a professional doodler. I have been training in the bay area all of my life. My ideas developed by growing up with A.D.D. I usually have a 1000 ideas flashing threw my mind and need somewhere to put them. While growing up in resource class I was permitted to draw during the lectures in school.
In this collection I decided to name them all according to my belief that when you expect Less and get more it becomes a memorable experience. I prefer this style over any other because it frees my mind from the everyday clutter. This is who I am and what I do.
I am Journey Pierce Christopher Coward

Posted by: Julia Lazar
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