Three new art collectors aquired Tom Franco paintings during opening week in April 2013.

A beautiful success for a working artist whose work is cutting edge and counter 'art world' culture. 

"We believe that Tom's work is going to be very well known and valuable in time, and are truly happy about these folks starting a private collection with such big future winners. " JL

Firehouse Gallery North will be open on Saturdays and Wednesdays 5 to 8 pm through April, there are still pieces ready for a home, come and view, meet and mingle with the artist and some other Firehouse art collaborators.
Here are some photos from opening night, which also served as Tom Franco's birthday party of them...with DJ Patrick Lotilla painting perfect soundscapes, singer songwriter Jordan Epcar, Will Crum guerilla crashing, Tom Franco giving a talk about his process as an artist and vision for an art retreat spot in the country...another wholesome current culture art event with Firehouse collaborators.
Here are a few photos of opening night:
Artist talk...
Bannwart family in one of the new art collectors!

May the art collections grow and increase in value for the families who started them. 

Feels great to live Art Now.

A Big thank you also to Firehouse Harmon Street Studios friends, who organized a surprise party on Tom's proper birthdate April you guys!

Posted by Julia Lazar
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