Curating original local art inside the Public Market Emeryville food hall continues for Firehouse art curators team Tom Franco and Julia Lazar through the month of April 2013.

Featured artists for April 2013 are two emerging young members of the Harmon Street studios location in South Berkeley, the first and original Firehouse location, in the San Francisco East Bay area.

Melody Rose Webster

"Human beauty and the beauty of nature have a distinct line drawn between them; with my photographs I explore that line and attempt to integrate the two together. Through in camera double and triple exposures, I layer photographs of people with natural surroundings such as spider webs, lakes, trees, and the sky as you will see in a few of the photographs displayed today. Growing up in an area surrounded by rolling hills and forested areas, I have always had an affinity for nature and the mysterious beauty it beholds. With my photographs I attempt to convey the way in which I see nature, and the way I define myself through said subjects." Melody R Webster 2013

Garrett Wayne Walters

"Flowin' Towards The Unknown, Polarity, Open & Hidden, Repetition Of Jazz Vibration, Ancient Mystic Force, Deep Cosmic Space, Improv Mind Meditation, Hurricanes Rain, Waves Of Thunder, Still & Silent. Paint, Music & Let The Waves Flow." Garrett W Walters  2013