Celebrating a new year 2013!

At YBCA's ConVerge program, a monthly open door event, bringing artists and peeps of all stripes and disciplines together...more in their own words here*. How to find it here.

Tom Franco and Julia Lazar host the January 17th ConVerge afternoon, 4-8pm, in celebration of a New Year of Art, the victory of collaboration over competition, value over profit, and have invited several close artist friends and collaborators to co create an experience of current culture only live art can give.

Posted below are the performance artists in order of their appearance:

A big shout out to our intern Molly Walsh, who created the slides for this post!
Performances start at 4 pm in the Grand Lobby by the 'Small Room for Big Ideas Gallery".

Live event support

 Live video projection and recording


 Audio and eclectic sounds all around

 Culinary artisans par excellence!

*The YBCA:ConVerge series is a free monthly public gathering featuring creative and generative social art practices. ConVerge is where community and innovative multi- and inter-disciplinary arts practices come together in our free and public spaces in a fluid, interactive, experimental format designed to engage audiences. YBCA's Grand Lobby and Room for Big Ideas will come alive during ConVerge events with social art, live music and inspiring curated performances, as well as drinks prepared by YBCA mixologists.
Posted by Julia Lazar and Molly Walsh

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