"Dactylformes and Slumberines" 

"Sounding the Depths" alluringly strange dreamscapes by Marko Yamagata seem to chunnel between the ocean's dark abyss and the vacuum of deep space; between ancient ruins of surrealistic (Etruscan?) grandeur and a fantastical future designed by Pataphysicians. See it to disbelieve it." 

Opening night:

Friday, January 11, 7-9pm

1790 Shattuck Avenue, Berkeley Gourmet Ghetto
Meet and greet the artist, plus a slice of Firehouse art collaborators who plan to come to help celebrate a new year. Snacks, bevvy donation bar, Marko's eclectic selected tunes and always a surprise or two. 

Marko Yamagata was born in January, a true pragmatist, who is also a principal Firehouse Artist and has had his art studio at the Firehouse Gallery North location for over 5 years.
With a BA of fine art from the University of Reno Nevada he is primarily drawing & painting mono print plus creates collages. His 3D work includes puppet type sculptures with deep sea themes. Paradoxes.
Keeping a balance between the grotesque and the comic his influences range widely. Alfred Jarry. Ken Price. Max Ernst and Art Clokey creator of name just a few.
He has had gallery shows in east bay since 1985.

We look forward to showing off one of our finest artists for the month of January 2013.
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