November show open through December 1st

Thanks to everyone who came to the opening on Friday November 9th, Art Attack...we were packed to capacity at 9pm...Cool!
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Betsy Franco read poetry from her book "Metamorphosis", Tom Franco debuted his live singing and guitar playing skills, Jimmy Dillon sang "Hold on to your dreams..." friends, neighbors, cal students, artists, live punk rock, DJs, peeps from our of town...made this the kind of party you smile for days about...we did.

Robert J Knight's sculptures resonate, especially with the men folk, in a big way. Every time we open the gallery door people stream inside and marvel at the symbolism, craftsmanship, tactility and authenticity of the Heart in Wood sculptures.

"To facilitate the Open Door times for the gallery, the exhibiting artists volunteer to host on Wednesdays and Saturdays from 4pm to 8pm through Saturday. 

December 1st, is closing night with refreshments, music and hopefully You."

Updates about daily and weekly events are easy to find on our facebook page.

Julia Lazar
"Picture the Art of Life"

Robert J Knight
"Hearts in Wood and mixed Media"
Sculptural wall hangings

Tom Franco CoLab
Sculpture and paintings

  • Photography exhibit chronicles the art of nature, travel, current culture and surroundings captured by Julia Lazar. 
  • New exhibit of Bob Knight's amazing heart sculptures carved of wood with symbolic renderings in metal and found objects.
  • Experience two new paintings from Tom Franco's Art Lab 2012
Robert J Knight "Hearts in Wood" sculptures

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