In collaboration with the Public Market Emeryville marketing team, Firehouse Art Collective directors are curating monthly art exhibits, featuring emerging and mature local artists.

Everyone is welcome to join us for opening night on Feature Fridays.

Public Market Emeryville, 5959 Shellmound Street, Emeryville CA 94608
Friday 24th, 5-8pm August 2012

Featuring Firehouse Studio West artists
Elayne Ryder
Janet Yelner

You will find light refreshments
Meet the artists and each other, mingle and dance
Live music courtesy of Guitar Center
Emcee Tom Franco and

Floral sculpture arrangement by Oaktown Blooms

About the artists:

Janet Yelner
Janet Yelner

Painting is an enormous part of my heart & soul… My pieces evolve and as I explore, there is an initial inspiration – a color, a crease, a shadow, a feeling, a shape. The impulse is to stay non-linear in story, to close in on letting go…but of what? Letting go of…expectation, control, perfection, representation, preciousness, ideas, criticism…
Acrylic, Mixed Medium

Elayne Ryder 
The intension of my artwork is to awaken in myself and in others the wonder of nature in all its mystery - clouds, trees, mountains, sunshine, waterfalls, stars, nebulas, planets. Each part of nature is a mighty force that speaks to me of surprise, play, becoming and place. I envision my art, as a manifestation of the hidden beauty of nature that surrounds us and that we are all a part of.
Elayne Ryder
I like acrylic paints because they are very pliable. I can paint over and over an image again and again until the image feels right. I like the texture and depth I can get from layering paint while also revealing what is underneath. Mixed media including water pencils, thick gesso, sand, pastels, textured cloths/papers and iridescent colors add to the depth of my paintings.
Art continues to be a process of exploration and trusting in the unknown. I often think I want to create this or that image, but what comes out is different and better than I imagined. I can’t force the process; its all about constantly trying, doing and letting go and becoming more sensitive to what’s working and what’s not working in a piece.

Elayne Ryder

Janet Yelner