It's been about a year and a half, when Tom Franco and I arrived back from the Oscar's celebration in LA, March 1st 2010. Drove straight to Gilman street, which at that point was an empty beautifully lit potential art space, and met the first two painters who moved in: Elyane Ryder and  Emily Zuckerman.
Elayne connected us to many of the artists who are now part of the collaborative.

Here we are today, 24+ artists sharing an open floor plan, with a great sense of collegiality as Ellen Zucker mentioned in her talk at the opening night of the current show at Gallery North, about painting and the art of harmonizing as artists who work in community.
We couldn't be happier.

Maggie Hurley curated the show and gave it the theme "Nostalgia" pertaining to that "ole summer feelin'".
We hope that you take time to come see the show. The paintings are true treasures and available to take home to light up your environment.

Open times are a bit tight, as the space also hosts great art groups in order to be self sustaining, but you can find out by clicking on the Calendar tab and look for Galley Open times.

Here are some collages of opening night scenes and more photos on our facebook page.
We always like to hear from you. Drop us a note below in comments or post on our page.
Julia Lazar
for FAC