Ok, so it's saying good bye to another year, to some very close friends and family who have left to higher grounds and celebrating all the accomplishments as a collective this year 2011.
  • We had 12 super cool cutting edge art shows and opening parties this year at Gallery North.
  • Started a new LIVE painting group at Gallery North on Wednesdays...added a second group to Tuesday figure painting.
  • Jon Merker joined us at Gallery North to teach tiny tots live music on real instruments, we dare say, it's the only such cool thing by the bay!
  • Firehouse art studios WEST opened on 1000 Gilman street in March. There is still some space for classes and art studio members.
  • We are signing the lease for our new space at the Emeryville Public Market next week for another 1600 sqft of dedicated art spaces to be used by Firehouse Collective members. 
  • The Firehouse Live Bazaar opened in July and is open every Saturday noon to 6pm on 3192 Adeline street @ MLK way. Anyone can come show and sell their goods. A major neighborhood rejuvenator in south Berkeley.
  • Two new storefronts opened in the Adeline Arts studios building, "The Tarot Woman" & "Alchemy Collective" with an organic coffee cart offering daily java to the public walking by.
  • Holiday pop up trunk show at Firehouse Gallery North
  • Two successful pop up Firehouse South Bazaars at the Oakland Art Murmur in May & November

If I have forgotten something, please write it into the comment section, it can happen...we have had a lot to celebrate be grateful for and share with everyone in this thriving art community.

Thank you each and everyone for giving your time, talent 
and craft to this collective.

We are successful because of each member playing their best.

Here is to another Year!

To get involved:
e-mail: @ gmail . com
Call or text: 510 593 0733 for schedules, showing and selling
Call or text: 510 219 8688 for renting art studios, rooms, storefronts
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