in conjunction with "FORREALISMN" ART SHOW OPENING

Uptown Body & Fender graciously provides the space to hold our November 4th, 2011 Live Bazaar which is a fund raiser for the Firehouse Art Collective. 
THANK YOU Giovanna Tanzillo, for contributing to the arts and community in such a generous way!

We reinvest the proceeds to keep up with our bills and expenses, thus able to provide affordable spaces for artists of all disciplines, this includes the culinary, healing, horticulture and farming along with the fine arts of all mediums, glass, metal, ceramics, graphic, print making, oil and acrylic etc... 

Being part of the Firehouse Art Collective, artists of all disciplines collaborate, co creating the new culture with ancient roots, of which the Live Bazaar is such a great example. An ancient form of meeting, mingling, networking, buying and selling goods that are handmade, locally grown, of lasting value and quality, the Live Bazaar is a space of culture, possibilities and spontaneity. Cutting edge.

We look forward to seeing everyone Friday night!

The main entrance for that night will be the back door which is in the center of 25th street between Braod way and telegraph....can't miss it when you browse the art murmur.