TOKI ART OPENING in pictures and on video

Letter from John Toki to Tom Franco
Dear Tom:
Thank you to you, Julia, and Firehouse gallery assistants for the exhibition opportunity and extraordinary gala. I was touched by the outpouring of friends, teachers, students, and family. 
It was dreamlike, especially with your dance finale.
Can you imagine that much of my help to artists for the past 45 years has been preventing ceramics from blowing up! "Just fire slow has been my motto! Although there have been quite a few other interesting moments, like getting a call from Vaea,  Peter Voulkos's assistant searching for Jordan clay on a Sunday, John Roloff needing a bag of Manganese Dioxide powder also on a Sunday, helping a panicked artist Rae Dunn with kiln electrical problems, or DeStaebler needing the Leslie's truck to move a sculpture or two, which actually went on for years. 
There was a lot of history in the gallery on gala night with the presence of Shaw, Bailey, Brady, Whittaker, Servis, Selvin, and Nierman etc. 
I also enjoying spending time talking with your parents, learning that your Dad is conducting a drawing class at the Firehouse North, on Wednesdays. 
The gala was a reminder that it is important to contribute to the community which has me thinking about the final segment of my life! Thank you Tom for your commitment to the arts.