Introducing the "FIREHOUSE ART COLLECTIVE LIVE Weekend BAZAAR", a year round indoor event, taking place on Saturdays, 10am to 6pm in Berkeley, on 3192 Adeline street @ Martin Luther King Jr Boulevard, CA 94608.
“The purpose of the LIVE Weekend Bazaar created by the Firehouse Art Collective under the direction of Tom Franco in collaboration with ‘23Monkeytree-productions’ is to have a space for our community to come together LIVE and co create a culture of sharing leisure, great food, drink and art of all disciplines one weekend at a time.
A brand new venue for artists of all disciplines to bring their goods directly to the community they live in.  This includes fine art, metal works, jewelry, antiques & collectibles, paper works, food, natural beauty and health products, ceramics, magic, photography...really all the things people adore at an indoor bazaar. With live plus DJ music and our stellar food vendors from the former Underground Food Market of San Francisco, it's a cool party and cultural event every time, with a Firehouse Art Collective slant.
Tom Franco, director:With the Firehouse Art Collective LIVE Events Bazaars, we are really pushing the envelope in creating a cutting edge space that is beyond any “arts gallery formalism” on one extreme and the “hippy love fest free for all music faire” on the other extreme.  We are scheduled to happen every Saturday in Berkeley, fusing basic human values of being seen plus sharing creative ideas made manifest.  Giggling at the paradox, that the cutting edge art scene of today sports all the elements of ancient traditional cultures of coming together as a community at the market place and sharing leisure, resources and the arts.
One of the specialties of the Firehouse Art Collective is making the collective dreams, the shared dreams of the community, actually come true.  
People often come to me and say, "thank you for making this event happen! I had the same idea and wanted to do it too."   My experience, in this process of putting on events, is that each person is not very far away from a successful happening of sorts. The steps between having a community dream and actually living it, maybe only 3 or 4 steps at the most, coupled with the art of commitment and endurance. After that, there is such a momentum generated from support and good wishes, that frankly, we as the Firehouse Art Collective, are strictly hooked on having a good time!”
Julia Lazar, assistant director: “The difference in our approach to live events is that each person in the room becomes an active participant in the event. Versus being a consumer, passive bystander or excluded by an exclusive event, everyone is included and prompted to personally contribute to the experience, by sharing, listening, speaking, mingling, and being introduced to each other. The art of basic social connection is enlivened. This is how culture happens on a community level and we get that distinct feeling that we are part of each other’s lives and share the same world…it’s a way to get a buzz, like Tom said, we live to enjoy!”