At the Firehouse North Gallery in Berkeley
Opening Reception
Friday, September 10 from 7 to 10 pm
1790 Shattuck Avenue, Berkeley
Show runs until September 30
Admission Free
Eight East Bay artists explore the figure in oil, acrylics, watercolor and graphite. They
are Rebeca Garcia‐Gonzalez, Karen Zullo Sherr, Vicki Salzman, Georgianna Greenwood,
Deborah Rogin, Diana Blackwell, Meredith Steele and Kathleen Flannigan.
The East Bay Figure Painters group was formed by artists who found themselves
returning to art full time after other careers or after raising a family. Some were trying to fit
art into their lives along with day jobs. All were looking for a supportive community.
“Sustaining a lifetime of creative work is an art in itself,” says one of the group’s founders.
“People find that when they finally have the time there’s little extra money for a studio or
supplies, and when they have the money there is not enough time. “ With this challenge, they
hired professional models and found a location run by a local art collective. Along the way
they set out to change the feelings of isolation most artists struggle with. Two years later, the
group is thriving and holding its first show at the Firehouse Gallery in Berkeley. Their
drawings and paintings all revolve around the figure, but there’s a diversity of approaches and
media the viewer will find engaging.

The group will be sharing the gallery with the paintings of Patricia K. Kelly.
The opening reception will feature refreshments, live music, and a slide show of the
artists interacting with models to set, mark, light, and paint the pose.
For more information contact:
Karen Zullo Sherr