PATRICIA K. KELLY and the art of 'cooking' your own paints

"There is always a connection in an art studio with food...for me... I mix and cook up my own paint. With pigment, rabbit skin glue,marble dust...yes, a bit like an alchemist".
I made the comment about the alchemist, Patricia is way to humble and unassuming to add anything to her commitment to deeply connect with the process of the art of painting.

On paper, wood or canvas, making her own Gesso, using lovely dainty pins to post the paper works, her studio is a dream for a nature lover like myself. Located at the O'Hanlon Center for the Arts in Mill Valley.

Another love we share is the art of Friedensreich Hundertwasser, an Austrian native who influenced my own art of living early on in Vienna. He used gold in many of his paintings and so does Patricia.
A little goes a long way she advises, of true Florentine Gold leaf on a bed of her own mix with Bole, glue stirred and strained...materials she gets from Sinopia in San Francisco.
We are happy to have Patricia exhibiting her art in September this year at the Firehouse North.
She will prepare a lecture for us to learn about the process of paint making, look for the invitation for this event on our facebook page and here.

Patricia is from England with that LOVELY soft accent and manner of speech.

Drinking tea with her is an experience of bonding, sharing and inspiration as an artist. Her favorite tea house in San Francisco is Lovejoy's tearoom. Her "Green Grocer" as she puts it, is on Geary blvd in the Richmond and we enjoyed the tiny cucumbers and cherry tomatoes for a light lunch.
I'd love to know what you think...