Yasmin Kaplan and Tom Franco offer workshop:
Where: At the Firehouse North Gallery 
When: 1pm to 4pm on Saturday, February 13, 2010
How much: $ 40 includes materials

Here is what they say: "The practice of creativity provides a vehicle for Self discovery, healing, and integration, and its fun!
 Being present in our process opens doors that reveal our shadows and allows the light of our innate wisdom to transform darkness into joy and love.
Through movement, music, and painting, we’ll explore our inner landscape and open to our natural state of delight!"
Jill Yasmin Kaplan is a healer, teacher, and watercolor artist. 
 "Painting is a joyous process for me. Through the creative experience, I explore my depths and express love for all that is. My paintings are a reflection of the sacred, and are my expressions of the light. They are signposts pointing to inner experiences while blazing a path to Oneness." 

Tom Franco is a cross disciplined artist working in the realm of sculpture. 

“My goal as an artist is to be constantly answering the question "Who am I?" With each new work I gain perspective on where I am and where others are. As I value and honor the process of each sculpture, I am brought to a place of knowing