Bernin’ For You!

The 2020 presidential race comes during a tumultuous period in American history. Issues of climate change, wealth inequality, healthcare and human rights are sources of vigorous conflict around the nation. Even more, the influences of corporate entities, corruption and foreign interests constitute a formidable threat to the ability of the American people to determine their own destiny.
It is for this reason that the 2020 presidential campaign of Bernie Sanders is so urgent; the Vermont senator demonstrates a genuine and profound commitment to environmental, social, and economic justice, and he is the only candidate running for president who is capable of addressing the many problems facing our country.
The central aim of​ Bernin’ For You! ​is to support Bernie Sanders’s run for the Democratic nomination in the lead-up to the California primary, which will take place on March 3rd. The show will be a collaboration between artists and community organizers, and will consist of art that relate to themes of the senator’s campaign as well as to the major issues of today. Through creative expression and discussion, we hope to inspire