It’s Still Art


Artists and writers have always been tortured souls. Many of the greats were heavy in their cups. Some burned out early while others stumbled their way into obscurity. Whatever our fate, we are all artists, even the people who don't know it yet. This is especially true in sobriety because in sobriety all things are possible. New things are essential. Our creative potentials can be wilder and more focused than ever before. "It's Still Art" celebrates the artist in us all because something kept us going out there. Something drove us to seek sobriety. Something still smolders in us now. "It's Still Art" is about honoring that spark.

It's Still Art is about reclaiming the creative process back from the project tweaking, back from the blackouts, away from the cloudy afternoons lost to bongs, bowls and bottles.

It's Still Art honors the healing that comes from completing previously unfinished business, from showing it off, about finding new paths out of the darkness, or finding a new entirely. Come share an evening with us as we expose our shadows in order to cast new light.

"It's Still Art" is an interactive art show that juxtaposes work created by artists while trapped in their addictions against the art they have since created during recovery and sobriety.

All are welcome at this sober event. Be prepared for art, performances, open mic, crafts, fashion shows and games. Some artists presenting are already well-established. Some are finding the courage to present their work to the public for the first time. Share in this process of inspiration, healing and new opportunities with this community of artists from around the Bay Area. Small nibbles and drinks will be available. Donation accepted. NOTAFLOF